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Message from the President

Assalamu Alaikum ! I am extremely happy and delighted to inform the members of our Madras Halai Memon Association ( MHMA ), Chennai that MHMA is launching the website for the benefit of Memon community. It is hoped that the website will be useful to appraise the members about the various activities of our Jamat in providing Educational assistance, Medical Assistance, Housing Facilities, Assistance for performing marriage in poor Memon families, Monthly assistance given to poor Widows, Interest-free jewel loans and other financial assistance extended for the upliftment of poor and needy Memons.

I am also happy to inform that from 2012 we are conducting Counseling for all the students in SSLC & Plus Two from our community to choose the right subjects depending upon their proficiency and interest so as to plan their career properly.

 We have now created email ID also for our MHMA and request all our members to send their email addresses so that in future communications will become easy, smooth and fast through emails.

The Memon community is always admired and respected for their distinct traits like business acumen, enterprising spirit, philanthropic activities and honesty. The community was given the name “MOOMIN” which means “Believer “in Arabic which then evolved into the present day “MEMON ". The Community has a unique system of Jamat formed for the welfare of the community and for preserving and maintaining a harmonious social relationship among the members of the community.

The Memon community migrated from Gujarat and has settled across the country mixing with other communities and adopting their customs and traditions and deviating from the cultural practices of the community. If this trend continues, there is every possibility of the Memon language becoming extinct in the near future. The Memon language is an Indo-Aryan tongue believed to have derived from Sindhi, though overlaid with Gujarat elements.

I appeal to all the members of the Memon community to interact with each other only in Memon language and also teach their children to speak ‘ Memon’ language at home. This practice will make the “Memon Language” continue as a living language and prevent it from going out of use and becoming extinct.

The Social Sub-Committee has developed this website for " Madras Halai Memon Association "which shall serve as a platform for the members to inter-act with each other and exchange views for the betterment and development of the community in future. 

I congratulate all those who have helped in developing the website and also look forward to greater interaction with in the community.

Jazak Allah Khair